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An Oasis for the Senses in Berlin’s Downtown District of Mitte


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At long last, Berlin now has its own original Moroccan restaurant. What has been something of a gastronomic tradition in many other European cities is now livening up Berlin’s culinary scene like a breath of fresh air. Since its opening in July of 2003, Kasbah has been quick to make a name for itself in town. Our guests just love the unique ambience, the unobtrusive staff, and, naturally, the food! Custom furniture, cosy corners to sit in, enchanting lighting, countless lavish details combine to create a touch of Arabian Nights. This makes it awfully tempting to while away the hours, and to let what was intended to be little more than a sumptuous supper develop into a whole evening of relaxation. The entire interior was imported from Morocco, having been custom-crafted specifically for our venue. The leather armchairs we designed ourselves. The interior decoration reconnects to the style of the “salon marocain”, made luscious by cushions, alcoves and sofas without seeming quaint. Rather, it is the blend of traditional and contemporary elements that accounts for the harmony of our indoor design. In the summertime, a very intimate, typically Moroccan patio with mosaic tables will lure you out of doors.

Kasbah - Marokkanisches Feeling in Berlin

Moroccan feeling in Berlin

Are you ready for the menu? Embark on a pleasure cruise through the Moroccan cuisine, sample sumptuous dishes refined by exotic spices such as saffron, cumin, cinnamon or coriander. For starters, try our pastilla, a Moroccan meal for festive occasions made of a paper-thin crust and filled with chicken, fresh coriander and almonds, sprinkled with sugar. Continue with a main course of the well-known couscous in different varieties, or opt for a Tajine of lamb prepared with plumbs and roasted almonds. Also, you’ll be amazed to discover the superior quality of Moroccan wines, whose deep red colour and rich taste are virtually unknown hereabouts. Originally imported from France, the vines have been cultivated for centuries. Major wine-growing regions are located specially in the Meknes/Fez area in Northern central Morocco. The Mediterranean climate and the country’s rich soils make for absolutely great vintages. Conclude your repast with a dessert such as Beghir, and keep delaying your departure over cup of tea made of fresh mint leaves while sinking back into ample cushions and secretly wishing your magic carpet ride at Kasbah’s would never end at all.

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