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A tribute to the five senses of our guests

Welcome to our “salon marocain”! Come in and feel spoilt. All the dishes of our menu originate from Moroccan cuisine. Most of them are genuine traditional recipes. Some of them are our own interpretation using typical ingredients in more modern dishes. All of them invite you to a sensual feast – whether modern or traditional. Our dishes use the best that Morocco has to offer, fresh ingredients from the market every day. Moroccan dishes are carefully prepared, with only very little oil (olive oil) and are easily digestible. A subtle harmony of herbs and spices, a delicate combination of flavour and aroma. The food of Morocco is well spiced, not hot and spicy! We hope that this short journey with us will give you a feel of the art entertaining and the art living in Morocco. Bismillah! – Enjoy your meal! Following we present an excerpt of our menu.

Vorspeisen –Beginn der Reise in den Orient

Harira is being served during the holy month of Ramadan as first dish to break the fast. Harira Aromatic traditional Moroccan thick soup with fresh tomatoes, coriander, parsley, chick peas and spices, served with dates and lemon. Salads of fresh vegetables are being served with every meal. We offer you the following choice. Zaalouk Compote of fresh eggplant, marinated with tomatoes, coriander, parsley and cumin.



Mechouia Compote of peeled grilled mixed pepper, prepared with tomatoes, garlic, cumin, fresh coriander and parsley. Marinated Carrots Fresh carrots, marinated with garlic, parsley, cumin and lemon. Variety of tastes: Brioauts Three pieces of oriental filo pastry, filled with chicken, kefta and cheese.



A masterpiece of Moroccan cuisine: Pastilla with chicken Classic Moroccan sweet and savoury thin flaky pastry, stuffed with chicken, almonds, parsley, fresh coriander, topped with cinnamon and icing sugar. Choose our starter plate and have a choice of dishes to share.

Main Courses


CousCous Sultan

CousCous Sultan

CousCous is probably the best known dish from Morocco. It is rolled wheat pasta and makes a great substitute for rice or potatoes. We serve CousCous with fresh vegetables and upon your choice with tender chicken, spicy Merguez or Lamm. Our CousCous Kasbah offers you a choice of everything.


The tajine is a terracotta clay cooking pot in which the classic Moroccan mix of the sweet and spiced fruits, vegetables and meat are slowly steamed. Because of this preparation the meat is very tender. Our tajines are served with homemade bread. We serve different kinds of the traditional tajine:

Tajine mit Huhn und marnierten Zitronen

Tajine with chicken and preserved lemon

Tajine with chicken and preserved lemon

Tajine with chicken and preserved lemon

Tajine Berber, Vegetarian Different vegetables cooked with oriental spices. Tajine des Nomades Kefta Meatballs (beef), mixed with Moroccan spices, cooked in a fresh tomato sauce, served with green olives. Tajine Amira, served with fish Filet of fish marinated with Moroccan spices, served with shrimps, saffron potatoes and carrots. Tajine de desert, chicken with marinated lemon Chicken cutlets, served with saffron potatoes, green olives and preserved lemon.

Tajine mit Lamm und getrockneten Pflaumen

Tajine with lamb and prunes

Tajine Atlas, with beef, hearts of artichokes and peas Fresh tender beef goulash, served with artichokes hearts, peas, olives, spiced with saffron and coriander, served with preserved lemon. Tajine Malika, with chicken and dates Chicken cutlets in a delicious honey sauce, served with dates and caramelised walnuts. Tajine de 1001 nuits, with lamb and prunes Lamb in a honey and cinnamon sauce, with prunes and almonds, topped with sesame.


Marokkanische Desserts und Pâtisserien sind weltberühmt. Wir bieten Ihnen im KASBAH eine kleine aber feine Auswahl:

Marokkanische Patisserie

Moroccan pastries

Pâtisserie Moroccan Delicious sweet Moroccan pastries filled with almonds. Orange salad with raisins Fresh slices of oranges, marinated in its own juice with orange blossom water, sugar and cinnamon, topped with roasted almonds and raisins. Crème brûlée  Orange blossom water and a hint of cinnamon give our delicious crème brûlée its incomparable taste. To accompany the dessert we recommend the fresh Moroccan mint tea in the traditional silver pot or a freshly brewed Arabic coffee with cardamom. Why don’t you try a liquor of herbs (Thibarine) or a spirit of figs (Boukha) as a perfect ending for the meal?

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